Ollin Trujillo

I have always been artistically inclined.  I took many darkroom photography and art classes throughout high school and college, and I am formally trained as an Architect. I have a strong interest in form, composition, lighting and design. Some of my main photographic influences are Architectural photographer Julius Shulman, Dorothea Lange and her depression era portraits, Edward S. Curtis, who dedicated his life to photographing and documenting the cultures of Native Americans, and vintage pinup style photography.  I am a passionate hot rodder, and I enjoy building and tinkering with old cars, taking roadtrips, spending time in the great outdoors, collecting records and antiques, as well as designing and building modern furniture. I guess you could say I’m a jack of all trades. 

Together, I feel we have a more balanced eye with both a masculine and feminine perspective. We each have our interests and I think they shine through in our pictures.